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Established in 1999, Licensed Engineers and Supervisors Federation (LENSFED)

now has thousands of unit Committees, 50 Area Committees, Fourteen District Committees and a well established State Committee in Kerala State.

Licenced Engineers and Supervisors Federation (LENSFED) was established in 1998 and was registered under the Trade Union Act . Prior to the formation of LENSFED, there were small ununited associations working scattered here and these in different parts of Kerala under different names.

In 1998, a few leaders of these units joined together and decided to amalgamate these scattered units under one banner and formed one organization with the name LICENCED ENGINEERS & SUPERVISORS FEDERATION (LENSFED) and brought all Registered Engineers, Town Planners and Supervisors under one umbrella (LENSFED). More than 10000 professionals working in this field have taken active membership in LENSFED.

LENSFED has thousands of unit Committees, 50 Taluk Committees, Fourteen District Committees and a well established State Committee in Kerala State. In future we are planning to form a National Federation by joining hands with all similar organisation working in this field in all other states of the Country, and the preliminary work is in progress.


 The main objective of LENSFED is serving the community through the construction field.

 To ensure the job security of its members.

 To ensure conducive situation in the construction field.

 To encourage high ethical standards in the profession of its members.

 To promote and propagate the sense of eco friendly construction among the members.

 To rebuild the nation with aesthetic planning and constructive servicing.

The encourage the members for professional updating and to utilize the educational opportunities.


LENSFED has initiated to renew the building rule 1984. The newly published Kerala Municipality Building Rules 1999 incorporated many of our suggestions. Due to our continuous efforts we could make the Government implement single licence system (State wide registration of professionals).

The implementation of the Single Window System (One day Permit) for building permit in corporations, Municipalities & Grama Panchayath is the result of the pressure that we put on various governments.

Our suggestions are going to be incorporated into the Habitat Policy which is going to be released by the State Governments soon.

The government policy to implement the professionals in the field to use alternate software for designs not AutoCAD alone in the Online System is the result of our efforts.

LENSFED as conducted over 50 seminars on Why Kerala Panchayath Building Rule� across Kerala and it has given a very good impact and the government has agreed to modify the Kerala Panchayath Building Rules 2011 soon.

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