Our Mission & Vision

Success isn’t really that difficult. There is a significant portion of the people related to construction, that actually want and need success

Established in 1999, Licensed Engineers and Supervisors Federation (LENSFED)

now has thousands of unit Committees, 50 Taluk Committees, Fourteen District Committees and a well established State Committee in Kerala State.

Our Mission

To build nation without any religion and caste descrimination. And to help our members in their profession with security. And propose ideas and new features to running Government or Government Organizations. We are very happy to take the role of mediator if any misunderstanding between our members and to guarentee correct wages as per their service. To guide our members in professional manner through seminars, publishings, study tours and exhibitions etc.

Our Vision

To conduct activities for the betterment of our motherland. And cooperate with same ideological organizations or people for betterment of our members. And run Educational Institutions and Charity Centres across Kerala. Committed to help  Socially and Economically backward communities and peoples. Planning to submit modern Rural and Urban Development model to our running governments and therefore improving our nation infrastructure in better way